Wrapping up the GCC Project

If I had to choose the most valuable thing I’ve learned through my COETAIL journey, it would be the power of community and the ways to stay connected through space and time. Through the courses I have found great satisfaction and development from cultivating my PLN, and this is the learning that I want most to share with colleagues and students.

My Course 5 Project, called Together in the GCC, has been a great way to show participating teachers and students the power of connecting people, near and far, to work towards a common goal. This was the second year I’ve led the project; the first time was last year when Alexis Snider and I built the project in Course 1. The project has come a long way this year, and you can read about the big changes in my post called Collaboration in the GCC.

Below is a visual of the project and it’s 3 phases that culminated with teams of students collaborating to create a train route connecting the 6 GCC countries (Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar). One of the best changes to this year’s project was the emphasis on digital communication during Phase 3. We initially had thought we could partner kids from different schools to complete the Google:My Map, but because of timing issues, we ended up teaming kids from different classrooms within the same school. It turns out that this was a great place to start and allowed teachers to better support the students’ digital communication and collaboration. Since the project outline will be the same next year, as well as most of the teachers, we may attempt to build a couple teams with students from different countries; but most will be more successful to begin this learning working with students within their school. Here are links to the Team Agreement, Collaboration Rubric, and Train Project Rubric that we used in Phase 3.

GCC Project Overview

Since the project lasted 9 weeks, and involved so many people, it was difficult to show all the great products, pictures, and video interviews with the students and teachers. Although I couldn’t fit it all in, I was glad that I was ‘forced’ to capture so much of everyone’s thinking and reflecting during and after the project. All the conversations have led to many great ideas that will undoubtedly make the project better next year. It also gave teachers a voice and sparked many conversations and therefore ownership over the project. My hope is that the project will carry on long after I have moved on. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

One thought on “Wrapping up the GCC Project”

  1. I just love google maps as a student tool for learning! It always surprises me how underused it is. I’m sure that your project share is going to inspire many educators to take a risk and use it with their students.
    It was awesome to hear your students talk about how their group needed to function and the ways that they were communicating and organising themselves. The skills of collaboration and communication are certainly developing in the project. Thanks so much for sharing!
    It’s been an absolute pleasure to have been involved in your CoETaIL learning journey Randi – I do hope that you will continue to share the work of you and your students!


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