Putting it all Together in a Resume Infographic

Although this infographic project was consuming (steeling hours of my sleep and then showing up in my dreams!), it taught me a ton! Although there were many things in course 3 that helped this process, the biggest takeaways for this project was to:

Tell a Story

I lost sight of telling my story during my first draft and realized that I had chosen colors and a picture that was too formal, stiff, and politician like. I was so focused on the CARP design elements and color scheme, that I forgot to look at it from my audience’s point of view. Man, that is hard! It is so much easier to write what I want to write – but when communicating with visuals, I must make a good guess as to how an audience will interpret my visuals. What will they see first? What does the look on my face say? What does what I’m wearing say? Do my font choices and color scheme say fun or drab? Queue tail spin.

So my best advice is to focus on your story. What is the best part of you and how can you get a picture that communicates that? Start there.

After I found my main visual, I sketched my plan out on paper. I literally cut up the page and rearranged the main items a few times until I thought my viewers eyes would go to my picture first and then the arrangement would naturally lead their attention along to the rest of my details. I wanted to make sure I stressed my passions and strengths, but did not add anything that visually led eyes to a blank area. I paid attention to the order, sizing, boldness, and font of my letters in an attempt for clarity and professionalism without being boring.

And finally, I got A LOT of feedback. Anyone who could spare a few minutes to offer advice or at the very least, tell me what they saw first or what they didn’t understand. The 7th grade boys were my toughest critiques; evidence that my ‘About Me’ infographic lessons were sinking in.

Have a look at my final product and please don’t hesitate to comment with your feedback.

resume infographic for post


5 thoughts on “Putting it all Together in a Resume Infographic”

  1. Really cool, Randi! I love the layout and how concise you had to be to cram this into one infographic, without inundating your potential audience. Were there any aspects of your old resume that didn’t make the cut? How did you distinguish what was most important from what was unnecessary?


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