Digital Citizenship Agreement

I worked with two elementary teachers from my school, @jodeejunge and @Deidrawest, as well as two elementary teachers working in the UAE, @tanyaleclair and @kdao.

We went back and forth as far as the structure, but agreed that we wanted a more positive message to come through about digital citizenship. This turned out to be a difficult task, because as we were researching and writing bullet points to go under the Learner Profile traits, the list seemed to narrow to specific rules and expectations about the use of technology and the social media tools.

Photo by Randi Wilkinson
                             Empowerment = Continued Work                                Photo by Randi Wilkinson

I think the final product is good for teachers and schools who are just beginning to learn about and teach digital citizenship to their students. However, as my school continues to teach digital citizenship and shifts from fear to empowerment,  I hope to transition to more simple and empowered agreement like Angela’s and Christy’s Empowered RUA. At this point the teachers in my school will appreciate the details on our agreement for as they learn about digital citizenship.

Like with any agreements and rules, we must be proactive to prevent problems. This is where the Digital Citizenship Curriculum and 21st Century classroom management techniques comes in. Within the Digital Citizenship lesson plans, I have specified which Learner Profile Trait it connects to. Hopefully teachers and students will begin to see that Digital Citizenship is just Citizenship.

My next step is to build on this agreement for the Middle School and High School, and continuing to develop the rest of the Digital Citizenship Curriculum.

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