Together in the GCC – Course 1 Final Project

I am really excited about this project that I created with Alexis Snider and the 4th grade teachers at my school. Check out my last post, Key-laboration, to hear where we got our inspiration and ideas to create a regionally collaborative project all about the Gulf Cooperation Council. We are starting the first week of the project today, but are refering to it as ‘Week Zero’ in order to allow for a ‘get to know you’ period and to allow time to iron out kinks. Because of differing Spring Breaks, we also had to plan in two Week Zeros, Ones, and Twos – one of the many things we had to change from our initial planning.  Consequently, I’ve learned that flexibility, along with thorough planning, are the keys to creating and managing a global or regionally collaborative project.

Check out the website, Together in the GCC, for the most recent updates and progress.

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